Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yahaira's 30th Birthday

I've spent the last several weeks researching and designing my friend, Yahaira's, 30th birthday party. Actually, correction she is having two 30th birthday parties which I think is so super fab! Yahaira is one of the type of  client everyone dreams about. She told me the colors she wanted: powder pink, citron, mint green and chocolate brown and that it had to be fun and girly. I took her very open-ended suggestions and just ran with it. There are not too many clients that let you design and then respond with a "I love it!" Thank you Yahaira, for choosing me to design your parties, I am having so much fun with them!  

Oh, be sure to check her blog here.

More goodies to come in the next few weeks when everything is completed for her both events. Also be sure to check Llorente Design, as I will be posting more photos there as well.


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