Thursday, November 17, 2011

I need a lot of This today

via Lovely Packag
This entire week I have stayed up waaaay late in an attempt to meet major deadlines. I didn't even realize until yesterday that Thanksgiving is next Thursday. Wow, where did November go?! Coffee and a little bit of deliriousness (yes it is a word, because I checked) from my sister, who is in law school and studying for finals is definitely what gets me through the day/night. Oh and of course, to add to my lack of sleep, Jack has been up every day at 5am. Oh the joys, of motherhood..I think he is testing me. :) Hard work pays off right?

via Lovely Package

Ok seriously, I am going to need all of this coffee and chocolate in the photo to stay up tonight.
Isn't the packaging just lovely?

Oh and a little this wouldn't be so bad either. wink. wink. ;)

via Lovely Package

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