About Katrina

I kind of live in my own world, and you are all welcome to it. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my thoughts, latest fashion and design obsessions (which are never ending), and whatever else come to mind as I go.  Most of my time is spent styling (mostly for myself), keeping up with everything fashion related, photographing, and developing photos in the darkroom.

On a Typical Day I am awake way earlier than I would prefer. Usually by 8 am. I go to school and work 5 days a week. School in the morning, work in the afternoon. Blogging at night. Weekends are different, I lounge. I shop (too much). And attend various miscellaneous happenings, depending on the weekend.

My Heart Belongs to NYC, vintage anything, perfect tailoring, oversized handbags, anything Knoll studio. And Starbucks.

You can get a closer look at where my head and heart are most of the time at Sartorial Little Somethings