Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't Bite Back

 My beloved nephew, I adore him with all my heart.  Really, I do.  But lately he's kinda a dangerous person to be around.  You see, when his teeth first started coming in he would nibble (read: bite)  whoever was carrying him, this left bruises on some and red marks on most (i really wish i was kidding about this). So I was pretty relieved when he kicked the habit.  Except that he didn't.  Lately he has decided to relive his infancy (13 months is technically a toddler, people).  

Case in point: today he repetitively ran to me, hugged my leg and then ran away, while I was sitting down trying to do a take home final.  Cute, I know. He just melts your heart like that.  So after hug 37 he transitioned from just plain old hugging to playing a game I'd like to call "hug-&-bite."  Yep, a hug followed by a fast, unpredictable, hearty BITE.  On the thigh, no less.  This game happened oh, I don't know, a few dozen times.  Luckily for me I was wearing loose fitting pants, so my leg was (mostly) spared.  Unfortunately I did not go uninjured.  While on one of his rampages I tried to predict the bite and literally slammed my elbow into the back of the wood chair I was sitting on.  Since I  don't normally flail my arms about, I blame him for the bruise.

So next time you're around a sweet little toddler, do not be fooled.  They smile, throw balls, babble, giggle, hug, and bite.  You have been warned.    

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