Tuesday, November 22, 2011

95 Years Ago Today

My great-grandmother was born on November 22, 1916.  When I start to think about what has happened in the time that she has inhabited this earth I am floored.  Things that I only learned at school, through books, movies (great source, i know) and the internet she was actually alive while it happened.  Things like two world wars and atomic bombs and arms races and inventions like the television, computers (according to PBS the first prototype digital computer was created in 1939, you learn something new everyday), and Sputnik 1.  If I were going to even try to list every historical happening I might as well write a book on it, nay I'd buy one. And I kinda don't feel like going out again.  Anyways my point is that a lot can happen in 95 years.

Jack with the birthday girl
What's more impressive is that she and my great-grandfather live alone, in their own apartment.  They both walk, albeit  s  l  o  w.  She cooks some and probably most importantly, they both have their minds.  I have interviewed them extensively about their lives, talked to them about their parents and even their grandparents (my great-great-great grandparents, we're talking about the 1800's here) and I can never seem to get enough. I am sometimes shocked when I realize I am listening to a story about a family member who was alive during the American Civil War, like when Abe Lincoln was still kickin' it. Shock aside, I am suppperrr ultra grateful to  have a relationship with my great-grandparents.   

Oh and for those of you who know about Mr. Jack (the beloved nephew) this means that my great-grandma is a great-great grandma.


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