Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jack is One!

Thunder, tornados, and leaky roofs.  These are the things we were facing on the morning of Jack's first birthday party (which was practically two weeks ago,  but I've been working on a life-consuming paper).  You see, the party was originally supposed to be held near our house at a lovely park on the bay in a historic coral shelter.  The only problem was, the weather.

Just one of the leaks

The picture makes the rain look better than what it was,
the entire area was a humid, muddy, watery schlop

 With no other choice, the party HAD to happen one way or another, we relocated the festivities to our house.  The challenge was the space since we had not anticipated the move (and were in slight denial about the forecasted rain).  We had a mere 3 hours to prepare everything + get ourselves ready, to say we hustled is an understatement.  With Christie's quick thinking (& some yelling) she laid out the new floor plan and assigned everyone a task (being the oldest sibling, she's been preparing for this role her whole you C (=  )  

Cake table

Cake by Ana Paz Cakes

Vertical whale banners by Christie
The blue streamers were originally going to be wrapped
around poles in the shelter, but we used it as a backdrop instead

Whale sugar cookies by Ali's Sweet Treats

Caramel popcorn

Picture frames were favors
Katrine Citrine has a secret, often forgotten, talent of making paper boats 

Jack, through the months

Food was delish! Yellow rice with chicken,
sweet plantains, and bread
all from Havana Spice Cafe

Christie in a Missoni for Target dress
Me in a Zara lace top & Zara shorts with Missoni for Target tights

KatrineCitrine in a Forever 21 dress
(For you weirdos, we were wearing shoes, I'm just tired of prolonging this post)

If you've read this far, I congratulate you.



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