Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni you make my heart go boom-boom

On September 13, 2011 my life changed. Well not really. We enjoy being dramatic and figured this would be a good place to do so. We now own a little piece of fashion history, that often times seems unattainable for us working girls.

Waking up around 6:45am, we thought we would get to Target early, but on arrival the parking lot looked more like a show room. Huh? Yes, a show room. You see, I have never counted 10 Range Rovers in -a-row, with a Porsche shoved somewhere in the middle, in Target's parking lot. Now don't go hatin', I am aware that Target is an equal opportunity merchant, I am also aware that the parking lot did have TONS more cars (we got a spot all the way in the back, and yes, a range rover pulled up next to us .5 seconds after we parked), it's just that cars with starting prices at $79,658 did grab my attention.

Anyways, after that "show" came the real show, the one in the store. Simply said, it put black Friday to s-h-a-m-e (that day of the year where people supposedly buy things in anticipation of the holidays). The shelves were bare, the women crazy-eyed, and we, in shock. We turned around and dashed for the car. An hour later we arrived at Target #2 and SUCCESS! The clothing items were scarce but salvageable and we nabbed a few other items like carry-on luggage's, stockings and scarves.

Here are a few links about yesterday's Missoni Madness.

Now, ladies please relax and do not get angry with me, we are not hoarders, nor are we vicious shoppers...While our 2 (okay 3) shopping carts appear a bit stuffed, all of the items you see in the photos below are for 4 women (sisters and Mom). All in all we were able to snag, by a miracle of God, about 4 to 5 items each.

Thank you to Missoni and Target for making our dreams come true!

Christie + Jacqui

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