Sunday, February 12, 2012

Picture update

It has been a busy couple months and unfortunately the blog was kind of dormant.  so that you're not bored with an unduly explanation I'll make it quick.  The holidays, I think, are hectic for a majority of the world.  As for school, I was maxed out on my credits which meant that finals season was anxiety ridden.  We participated in two craft shows, one being in the middle of December (great timing, i know) and the other was yesterday.  In the middle of it all we had ourselves a mini road trip for a bff's baby shower (which was a fabulous and much needed reunion).  

here are the last few weeks in pictures: 

our table set up at Mary Brickell Village (show #1)

close up

Jack with his mommy dearest, it was his first time visiting the Everglades!

In the Gumbo Limbo trail

on a stop during our mini road trip

at Satchel's in Gainesville (go gators!)

Jack and me

the babe and Katrina

the sun was killing our eyes

Katrina and Jack, he loved the decoration


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