Thursday, December 15, 2011


I realize over the last couple weeks posting have dwindled but things have been quite busy around here.  I was entrenched in finals season which means that I spent the better part of a month glued to a chair in front of my computer writing papers in a drunken coffee stupor (no actual alcohol was consumed during studying, though I'm sure that would have made for interesting papers and maybe even bonus points!) trying to make sense of the questions my teachers wanted answers to.  Thankfully December 8th has come and gone and now I am freefreefree.  Well, from school (until January).  Now Llorente Design, which I had kindasorta been ignoring, requires some attention so I've been working on several things on that front.  Speaking of which, we're going to be vendors at a local event his Friday and we are so super excited (nervous, scared, stressed & nuts).  I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully post pictures of the event if I remember le camera.  

For now, I leave you with the babe. 

practicing for school? hmm 4 years too early.

looking at an airplane, he loves them!
reason 1,354 why this boy makes me laugh

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