Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wish me luck

So Christie mentioned in an earlier post how she has been staying up late yadda yadda yadda, given that its finals season I've been enjoying her company.  In order to help us stay awake, Christie, out of the goodness of her heart, decided to make espresso, except that she BURNED it.  Yes now I know, after 10+ years  of drinking coffee, it is possible to burn, to actually burn, it.  

Here's how it happened: she didn't tighten the bottom half of the espresso maker enough which caused steam to escape where it normally doesn't escape from and the water in the base of the maker somehow got mixed with grounds and it burnedburnedburned

Luckily, Starbies was opened, they did not burn the coffee.

After getting over the shock of the burned coffee I started to think, this was not the first time that some weird cooking "mishap" happened to my favorite older sister.  When we were younger, for unknown reasons, Christie stuck an aluminum paper wrapper in the  microwave and then turned it on, yep that (the wrapper) caught on fire.  Oh there was also the time where she was heating a frozen pizza for us to have for lunch, evidently cardboard  cements itself on to pizza's that are heated in a 400 degree oven, don't ya know.  I know. Now. thankstomyfavoriteoldersister.

You can understand my hesitation when she said she wanted to bake on Thanksgiving.  You know, the day where you cook things you never eat all like, you don't get to practice cooking the things until the actual day and places like grocery stores are closed so if you have a kitchen mishap like baking a metal rod into your turkey, or, i don't know, if you set the house on fire trying to stop a grease fire by pouring water on it, there's no turning back and you've just ruined the-day-where-no-one-eats-those-things-on-regular-days. 

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