Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Loulou de la Falaise, muse of YSL

Good morning! It is such a beautiful and cool morning today in Miami. This is perhaps my favorite time of year, where the humidity in Miami is no longer suffocating us and we can lunch outside, and pretend we are in Paris.

I just read this lovely article, "What Do French Women Have, That We Don't?" (us girls in America) This article is a good reminder to us all, on how we shouldn't focus so much on the concept of beauty equaling perfection, but rather evoking an attitude of spirit and slight imperfection.

via The Nifty Fifties

If you really want to be a Parisian woman, follow these 10 rules: 

1. Cultivate austere beauty
2. Don't smile much
3. Nail the "I don't think so, but I guess if you do.." look

4. Be thin
5. Indulge in moderation
6. Look sober, even if you're not
7. Smoke (this one is questionable)
8. Don't stay single
9. Adore New York
10. Know where to shop

Speaking of knowing where to shop, here are the top 10 shopaholic cities in the US.

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