Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh the importance of letting a baby make decisions! read closely or you could be scaring the hee-bee-gee-bees out of your baby (or nephew, in my case).

A few weeks back we took baby J to Toys R Us. In the stuffed animal isle we decided to show him a few fluffs to get a feel for what he likes and dislikes. If you're wondering, yes, at 9 months babies do have preferences and make decisions, if you don't believe me, go have a baby.

case in point:
yes please

no thank you
caused by a purple bear with a cupcakes and hearts motif



clearly, the boy has preferences. knowing this, on a recent trip to ikea we wandered through the children's department and decided that baby J should have his choice of fluff (since toys r us was highly unsuccessful and maybe traumatic). I was unable to document the decision making process but I did catch a few photos of his fine selection, his very own soccer ball.

look at those cheeks, yum.

expression of the month

he eventually threw the ball and decided it was time to play with the camera


moral of the story: next time you're out with baby let them choose their fluff to avoid putting the fear of god in their tiny souls (which purple bears can do)

until later....

(go gators!)

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