Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boy Meets Girl

I am sure as I write this, it is safe to assume that most moms with sons have a hard time finding clothes for their little ones. Why is it that everywhere I go the ratio of clothes for girls vs. for boys is like 100:1.  Okay, I may be slightly exaggerating, but i do find it extremely difficult to find clothing that isn't blue, light blue or navy.   I mean, seriously, who decided that boys are only allowed to wear different shades of blue?  

Okay, time to share a secret; during my pregnancy I "discovered" what has become my go-to, all time favorite, I-know-they-don't-sell-everywhere-else-kind-of-clothes, boutique.  Located on Miracle Mile, Boy Meets Girl (which has been around for 18 years!) is the answer to my prayers. The store sells contemporary, different clothes for both girls and boys (very refreshing).  I always find everything I am looking for -- and yes, they have other colors besides blue (hallelujah).  BMG also has a very good ratio of boy and girl clothes, none of that 100:1 nonsense.  Oh and Denise, the owner of this fab boutique, couldn't be any nicer and is always helpful and knowledgable. If you live in the Miami area or are just visiting, do yourself a favor and check out her shop.

I wanted to share some of the pieces I recently purchased for my son, at Boy Meets Girl! I am sooo in love with all of it, and cannot wait to put them on him! :)

Violet button-collared shirt and Magenta and Navy button-collared shirt by Mayoral Reg. Violet plaid shorts also by Mayoral Reg.

"El Capitan" yellow tee by Tea and colorful plaid shorts by Mayoral Reg.

  Green cargos by Mayoral Reg and Blue denim shorts by Tea

 Vintage "Cycling Tour" tee by Mayoral Reg.

 My all-time favorite PJ's by Petit Lem. These are so so soft.